Freedom / IQ

With the Freedom / IQ chair, the knobs, levers and locks of the current-generation task chair have been replaced by intelligent mechanisms that automatically support the body as it moves from task to task. By minimizing the need for manual controls, Freedom / IQ maximizes natural, spontaneous movement, which is essential for a healthy body and a comfortable day’s work. Freedom / IQ’s many features can be enjoyed with virtually no effort. Freedom / IQ exceeds known performance standards to such a degree that new ways of working become possible.


Self-adjusting recline

  • intelligent counter-balance recline mechanism automatically provides the right amount of support through the full range of recline motion, regardless of user size and weight
  • no tension spring to adjust
  • no recline locks to set/release
  • during recline, the angle between torso and legs opens up for better body function
  • user maintains near constant eye level during recline

Dual pivot backrest 

  • during recline the backrest automatically adjusts to the changing needs of the spine
  • provides up to 25 mm additional lumbar support when needed

Synchronized armrests

  • revolutionary armrests move in tandem to eliminate the dangers of uneven arm positioning
  • natural lift and release action for immediate repositioning without buttons or locks
  • 160 mm range of vertical motion to accommodate all users and tasks
  • They are attached to backrest so the arms maintain the same relation to the body during recline
  • can be ordered with horizontal setting mechanism (advanced gel armrests with Xanium cover only)
  • gel pads for superb comfort

Standard cylinder 

  • provides seat height range that accommodates 90% of the population

Contoured backrest cushion 

  • carefully sculpted to match body contours
  • increased contact area reduces pressure points
  • impermeable barrier under textile minimizes presence of dust mites, bacteria and other allergens in the cushion
  • the cushion is modular for easy replacement
  • moulded polyurethane foam
  • upholstered with fabric Wave, Vellum

Gel seat cushion 

  • non-degradable, non-compressible gel layer on top of foam core
  • provides maximum pressure distribution
  • offers unmatched, long-term comfort
  • upholstered with fabric Wave, Vellum

Body fit

  • size adjustable to fit over 90% of the population
  • adjustments for Fit-to-Size: seat height, seat depth, backrest/lumbar support height

Dynamic headrest 

  • position-sensitive headrest moves into place when you recline and out of the way when you sit upright
  • 12 mm vertical adjustment to fit all users 
  • moves in the natural arc of head/neck for perfect support through range of recline
  • contoured to cradle the head and neck in comfort 


  • diam. 75 mm double-wheel castors for carpeted floors, with soft castors available for hard floors 


  • hard castors can be replaced by glides for both „soft“ (carpeted floors) and „hard“ (wooden floors)
  • high chairs Saddle with 10" cylinder are delivered with glides as standard equipment

Saddle with 10" cylinder

Handles and levers

  • injected, reinforced and coloured nylon


  • Nitrogen filled cylinder for seamless height adjustment 

Frame and five-arm base 

  • Aluminium casting with a heat-sealed plastic coating