LED task light

The ALFA 1100 LED table lamp includes 4th generation LED technology. This enables energy savings of up to 80%. The highly efficient LED light source with even or concentrated lighting mode can produce soft lighting similar to daylight. Using touch control, 5 brightness settings can be selected and the light quality can be switched between cold, warm and daylight. This technology also guarantees a long service life (over 10,000 hours).

It does not contain any brittle glass components and it is safe and easy to use.

Light intensity memory

On turning off the lamp the last light intensity setting is memorised.


The arm can be moved up and down through a range of 150°. The lamp head can be twisted from side to side by up to 45° in each direction and it can be tilted from side to side by up to 30° in each direction. When tilting the lamp head with one hand, hold the base with the other.

Technical specification

Max. power: 12 W
Max. illuminance: 2000 lux
Luminous power: 700 LM
Supply: 12 V DC-1500mAh
Light temperature: 5500 K cold light
3300 K warm light
4000 K combined light
Operating temperature: <50°C

Package contents

LED desk lamp - 1
Mains adapter - 1
User instructions - 1