WOT Executive

A unique feature of the WOT desking system is the design and method of production of the desktop. The MFC (melamine faced chipboard) commonly used for desktops has been replaced by a honeycomb sandwich top (LIGHTBOARD) with HPL foil and ABS edge 2 mm. Advantages of this construction method are its unbeatable rigidity combined with relative lightness. The 40 mm thick desktops are self-supporting and therefore the desk does not require a separate frame. The desk system is made partly from recycled material and is itself 100% recyclable. Advanced cable management is offered as an option. The base is given a high quality powder paint coating in combination with polished aluminium part.

Colour of base

Polished aluminium in combination with RAL9010 – white
Polished aluminium in combination with RAL9004 – black
The polished aluminium mimics a chrome finish.

Notes and recommendations for users

Over time, a polished aluminium finish will lose some of its shine (the surface becomes slightly dull and matt). For this reason we recommend renewing the high polish using the special polishes „Sonax“ or „Alu-Magic“. Warning – on no account use „SILICHROM“ metal polish!

Desktop finishes

H1424 ST22 – woodline creme
H1428 ST22 – woodline mokka

The HPL used on the WOT. Executive is very high quality and gives a faithful impression of a veneer finish. However, in comparison with veneer it is much more hard wearing. The desktop surface has a relief structure finish.