The F1 desk consists of a 15 mm metal base plate, which is connected by 40 × 20 × 45 pins to the pressed steel pedestal casing. Metal brackets on the desktop support frame are fixed with screws to the pedestal casing. The height of the desktop can be adjusted between 740 and 940 mm by fixing the frame to different holes in the casing. The desk can be levelled within a range of 20 mm. The desktop is of 18 mm MFC with a 2 mm ABS edge.

The F2 desk consists of a pull-out steel cabinet and a pedestal onto which the 18 mm MFC desktop is fixed. The desktop has 2 mm ABS edges. The height is adjustable in the same way as for the F1. The metal pedestals and pull-out cabinet are made of deep-drawn metal sheet, 0.8 mm thick and finished with a powder coating. A moulded plastic pencil tray is located in the upper drawer of the pedestal. In its standard version the lower part of the cabinet is equipped with a pull-out frame for hanging files (max. load 20 kg) and the upper part has a file shelf (max. load 20 kg). Casters are fitted for easy movement. 

Pull-out frame Focus F2 

Hanging files of the stated dimensions can be used with the pull-out frames that are part of the F2 cabinets. 

Cable management is arranged without the use of additional components or using a flexible cable channel F-HO 36 × 60 × 1000 mm fixed to the desk with metal holder F-HOA and/or the Power Port system, which provides data and power sockets on the desktop. When no cables are plugged in it can retract into the desk construction. Cables can be fed vertically through the pedestal.


The standard desktops are manufactured from 18 mm thick MFC with a 2 mm thick ABS edge.

Desks with a white and grey finish have edges applied by laser (only for tops with straight edges).

Desktop finishes

wild pear

Base colour finish

RAL9022 – silver
RAL9007 – gunmetal
RAL9010 – white
RAL9004 – black


The following designations are used to identify desk configurations.
L – left
R – right
D –PC door
C – call centre
H – hotdesk
PH – pedestal hotdesk
EH – element hotdesk
S – standard
V – pull-out frame
PR – desk extension right
PL – desk extension left
PS – standing position
DP – set of screen holders
DPV – set of screen holders - large
K – conference

For components and accessories the code from the drawing is added to the symbol.