Reverb - panel

The Reverb acoustic panels serve to improve the quality of the workplace environment. In open-plan offices they contribute to creating acoustic and aesthetic comfort. The primary function is sound absorption, but they also form decorative and interior design elements. They can be used to clad an entire wall, or just a section to create square/rectangular frames on which fabrics in a variety of colours can be attached over the acoustic foam. Architects and interior designers will appreciate the option of special fabric with black and white or colour images printed on. Acoustic comfort contributes to increase work productivity.

Technical description

The Reverb system is designed for cladding walls. The basic component of these acoustic panels is the plastic profiles that create the frame. The frame is filled with sound absorbing material, which is covered with a base air-permeable fabric over which is stretched the surface printable textile. The acoustic material is used in the aerospace industry, for the insulation of buildings and trains and it is also used as sound insulation in cinemas, test facilities, concert halls etc. The colour palette for the fabrics plus the ability to print images makes it a very flexible interior design tool. The outer fabric can easily be changed at any time to introduce a new photograph or graphic design.


Specification of profile types and their required lengths is derived from the panel dimensions. After determining the profile types and method of wall attachment, order the required quantities using the order codes in the technical manual. The unit of quantity for the profiles is one metre and the fabric is also sold per metre of the given width. When determining the required order quantity you should allow for 5% wastage. The surface fabric must be ordered with a 15 cm overlap on all sides. The precise dimensions of the acoustic panels are determined on site during installation. Panels that are longer than 6 metres have to have a connecting profile for attachment of fabric (only possible for uni-colour fabrics).

Technical description of UV printing

For printing on the Reverb fabric digital UV printing is used which maintains the air-permeability and flexibility of the fabric. Digital UV printing has a very high resolution, which ensures excellent representation of detail and colour transitions. The applied ink is hardened using UV light and sets almost immediately. The print is very resistant to light and wear and tear. The material is supplied in a roll on a cardboard core and it must not be folded!

A fabric suitable for printing is Flag (width 3,250 mm) or Flag plus (width 5,000 mm).


When selecting and printing an image on the decorative outer fabric it is necessary to observe the requirement for 15 cm overlap on all sides!

It is recommended to use a fabric specified by the supplier. When using a different material there is a risk it might be damaged during installation.