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 EPD 4Ever (1,5 Mb)

 EPD Alfa 200 (1,4 Mb)

 EPD Arkus A (1,18 Mb)

EPD Arkus C (1,04 Mb)

EPD Citis SN (1,12 Mb)

EPD Horizont (1,32 Mb)

EPD Platform (1,19 Mb)

EPD WOT (1,05 Mb)

EPD Conference tables (1,05 Mb)

EPD Wood cabinets FT (1,22 Mb)

EPD Wood cabinets ST (1,33 Mb)

EPD Wood cabinets tambour (1,33 Mb)

EPD Metal cabinets tambour (1,33 Mb)

EPD Wood pedestals (1,11 Mb)

EPD Metal pedestals (1,61 Mb)


TECHO, a.s., is the first Czech furniture producer to issue an Environmental Product Declaration – EPD.

By means of this declaration TECHO provides consumers with a useful collection of information on the impact of its products on the environment during their lifecycle. This information includes details of the consumption of electricity and water, the production of waste and influence on climate change and damage to the ozone layer. This information was obtained using the Life Cycle Analysis method in accordance with standard ČSN ISO 14025:2006. These EPDs provide consumers the opportunity to compare the environmental impact of comparable products available in the market. If a consumer gives preference to „green products“ that are friendly to the environment, they now have a tool enabling them to make a considered choice based on clearly defined criteria.

TECHO has issued EPDs for its office desks Arkus A, Arkus C, Citis SN, Horizont, Platform, WOT, and also for conference tables, wooden cabinets with sliding, wing and tambour doors, and metal pedestals.

For the TECHO group, issuing these EPDs represents a long-term obligation for all its production and logistics processes with respect to sustainable consumption and production, improved production management, and a conscious effort to act in a way that protects the environment.

  • EPD 4Ever  » Click to zoom ->
    EPD 4Ever office desks
  • EPD Alfa 200  » Click to zoom ->
    EPD Alfa 200 office desks
  • EPD Arkus A  » Click to zoom ->
    EPD Arkus A office desks
  • EPD Arkus C  » Click to zoom ->
    EPD Arkus C office desks
  • EPD Conference tables  » Click to zoom ->
    EPD Conference tables office desks
  • EPD Citis SN  » Click to zoom ->
    EPD Citis SN office desks
  • EPD Horizont  » Click to zoom ->
    EPD Horizont office desks
  • EPD Platform  » Click to zoom ->
    EPD Platform office desks
  • EPD WOT  » Click to zoom ->
    EPD WOT office desks
  • EPD Cabinet MFC FT  » Click to zoom ->
    EPD Cabinet MFC FT storage systems
  • EPD Cabinet MFC ST  » Click to zoom ->
    EPD Cabinet MFC ST storage systems
  • EPC Cabinet MFC Tambour  » Click to zoom ->
    EPC Cabinet MFC Tambour storage systems
  • EPD Metal Tambour Cabinet  » Click to zoom ->
    EPD Metal Tambour Cabinet storage systems
  • EPD Pedestal MFC  » Click to zoom ->
    EPD Pedestal MFC storage systems
  • EPD Metal Pedestal  » Click to zoom ->
    EPD Metal Pedestal storage systems