Caring for the environment by achieving sustainable development is a fundamental principle that is an integral part of our daily business practice. TECHO was established by active sportsmen and therefore consideration for the environment was inscribed in the TECHO birth certificate. We were one of the first companies in the Czech market that tested all its products according to European and international Environmental standards, and today TECHO is recognised as a pioneer of responsible environmental management in Central and Eastern Europe.

We systematically monitor the environmental impact of our activities, not just those connected with production, but all those associated with the operation of the company – from suppliers to the distribution network and the actions of individual employees.

TECHO is the holder of a range of prestigious certificates and awards, such as C-o-C („Chain of Custody“) certification, which guarantees that a company will only use wood from certified suppliers, and not use tropical hardwoods from dwindling resources. We have also confirmed our position as a leader among environmentally responsible producers through membership of FISP („Furniture Industry Sustainability Programme“).