Social Responsibility Policy

This policy is based primarily on the following sources:

UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the international labour standards of the International Labour Organisation, OECD guidelines for international companies and the SA 8000 standard, which is the most important internationally recognised benchmark for the socially responsible management of human resources. The policy was adopted in June 2008 and is regularly updated as part of the company’s continual improvement program. It focuses, in particular, on the following areas:


Relationship to society

To the extent possible the company contributes to improving the economic, environmental and social conditions through open dialogue with all stakeholders and through active participation in combined efforts.


Relationship to children and the young

The provision of proper protection of minors; the basic principle is not to employ children or support the use of child labour, with the exception of government supported programmes, such as work experience for children at school.


Equal opportunities

The company is committed to equal opportunities for all employees – it does not discriminate or support discrimination in relation to recruitment, pay, access to training, career progression, employment termination and retirement on the basis of ethnic or national origin, religion, invalidity, sex, age, sexual orientation, union membership or political association.


Health and safety

The health and safety of our employees is paramount for us. We strive to eliminate or minimise workplace risks and ensure a dignified working environment. For this purpose we have a representative responsible for health and safety across the range of the company’s activities, who acts as an intermediary between employees and management. In addition, we have implemented all the requirements of OHSAS 18001 into our integrated management system.


Communication with employees

This involves the facilitation of regular meetings with employees to deal with outstanding issues. We respect the right of all employees to union membership on the basis of their own free will, and the right to collective bargaining. It is also our policy not to discriminate against worker representatives.


Free will regarding employment

This section requires that all employees join the company of their own free will; it stipulates that no pressure may be used in recruiting employees and rejects any form of forced labour.



We reject all form of discrimination in employment relations. In the recruitment, remuneration or promotion of employees we apply equal opportunities based only on ability.


Bullying and disciplinary measures 

We do not apply or support any form of mental or physical pressure.


Working hours

We adhere strictly to the Labour Code and associated regulations with respect to working hours. The company tries as much as possible to satisfy the requests of employees with respect to time off and holidays.



We reward our employees in accordance with applicable legislation and the company’s motivation program. We do not apply illegal salary deductions for disciplinary reasons.



The company drafts and observes appropriate procedures for the evaluation and selection of suppliers and subcontractors based on their ability to fulfil the requirements and principles set out in the company‘s policy, and it maintains documentary evidence that these requirements are consistently fulfilled.


Business ethics

It is the company’s policy to maintain the highest standards of business ethics and support the efforts of national and international organisations to introduce and apply high ethical standards in relation to all business entities. We observe applicable legislation and other obligations to which we are bound.