Management policy

Integrated management system policy

Ensuring a high standard of quality, protection of the environment, health and safety at work and the sale and production of our products is a prerequisite for achieving prosperity and success, and increasing our competitiveness in the markets in which we are active. Our intention is to contribute to efforts for protection of the natural environment and the preservation of natural resources for future generations, the sustainable production and sale of products to our customers whilst meeting the highest requirements with respect to the design, utility and customer service. The benchmark for assessing customer requirements is the standards normal in the European Union.

The management of TECHO, a.s., has decided in the interests of increasing and improving the integrated management system to issue in accordance with the company’s strategic goals this policy based on the following principles:

Main objective of Techo a.s.
•    To be an international company with a strong position in the key markets of Central and Eastern Europe. 
•    To continually maintain a system of quality management in accordance with ISO 9001 and meet the requirements of the standard of the European Community, which ensures a stable quality of production and services.
•    To ensure a high standard of quality for our products, health and safety at work and a reduction of environmental impact, which are considered a priority for achieving the success and prosperity of our company and increasing its competitiveness in the domestic and export markets.
The following strategy has been prepared with achievement of these goals in mind. This strategy ensures the continual improvement of the company’s activities in the area of quality.

Products of TECHO a.s.

•    The products of TECHO a.s. represent the most effective solution for office environments creating the optimum atmosphere for dynamic companies.
•    TECHO a.s. designs it products in cooperation with leading Czech and international architects and designers.
•    All of our products correspond to the requirements for safety and build quality; our standard products have been certified at an authorised EN test facility. We also pay attention to these requirements when purchasing goods/materials.
•    When developing products and designing our services for customers we take care to use materials that are recyclable and have minimal environmental impact during production, use and disposal.
•    For this reason we strive to minimise the consumption of materials in the production of our products whilst maintaining the maximum functionality of these products.
•    We provide our customers with environmental information relating to our products and offer the collection and environmentally friendly disposal of our products at the end of their useful life.
•    Our customer is our greatest priority. Our relationship with the customer is driven by the effort to fulfil all his expectations in order to achieve maximum customer satisfaction and a comprehensive service. For this reason TECHO a.s. organises not only interior furnishing, but also necessary construction work. 
•    Contact with customers is undertaken within an environment of mutual cooperation on the basis of transparency and set guidelines. We ensure the customer is fully informed on the use of the products supplied and to utilise feedback from the customer to continually improve customer satisfaction. 

•    The systematic selection of suppliers based on the principle of partnership and focussed primarily on the quality of the purchased supplies, to ensure that only high-quality supplies are used for our products.
•    When selecting suppliers, priority is given to those that can demonstrate the quality of their supplies by means of a quality management certificate, or product certificates.
•    We require that our suppliers regularly monitor and assess the quality of the materials they supply us with and their potential environmental impact.

Internal activities of the company
•    Internally the company is active in creating the conditions for continual improvement of the standard of all processes. To ensure observance of the quality system throughout the course of all activities, i.e. from the start of each commercial matter to the guarantee and post-guarantee service.
•    Quality and customer satisfaction is achieved with the participation of all employees. We expect from all employees professionalism, cooperation and an interest in the good results of the company.
•    An integral part of our quality policy is also the due maintenance of order and a positive working environment in all working areas. All health and safety at work regulations are observed. TECHO a.s.  has certification in accordance with OHSAS 18001.
•    Part of our quality policy is also the continual and planned increase of the qualifications of all employees. To support the stability and solidarity of the workforce there is a programme of employee benefits.
•    An important part of the training of all employees is familiarisation with the regulations and requirements regarding health and safety at work. Health and safety training is arranged regularly, including training related to specific jobs and workplaces.  

•    Respecting environmental regulations is a priority for our company in all of its activities, even at the expense of profit. This is also confirmed by certification of the company in accordance with ČSN EN ISO 14001. The certificate was awarded to TECHO a.s. in the 1st Q 2004.
•    We pay thorough attention to eliminating any negative effects of our operation on the environment. Where possible we give preference to recyclable materials.
•    When purchasing products made from wood-based raw materials TECHO a.s. gives preference to wood from sustainably managed forests (certification according to FSC or PEFC). TECHO a.s. therefore also requested certification of the Chain of Custody (C-o-C) for wood and has received this certificate.
•    We ensure that all production processes are performed in accordance with applicable requirements for protection of the environment and the workplace environment.
•    All potential impacts on the environment are regularly monitored. The results are analysed and improvement measures adopted where necessary.
•    We ensure the environmentally friendly disposal of all waste products from our processes. Where possible they are sent for recycling.
•    All employees are acquainted with the company’s environmental policy. Environmental objectives are set for individual organisational units and responsibility for their fulfilment is included in the job descriptions of the relevant employees.
•    We are in regular contact with the state regulatory bodies with respect to environmental issues.

Health and safety

•    In all activities we meet all health and safety requirements set out in applicable EU and Czech regulations and international conventions to which the Czech Republic is a party.
•    With regards to possible health and safety risks connected with work, we create the conditions for a safe workplace environment with the aim of avoiding, eliminating or minimising risks.
•    In cases where we are not able to completely eliminate a risk through work organisation or technical means, we provide employees with protective devices and clothing. We maintain these devices in good condition and carry out checks to ensure their use.
•    We strive to ensure that the workplace layout and equipment provides workers with conditions that comply with the health and safety requirements placed on them. We organise work and work procedures so that they do not breach the principles of safe behaviour at the workplace. We do not permit employees to perform work that is beyond their capabilities.
•    The fulfilment of health and safety tasks is an integral part of the responsibilities of all senior employees. However, every employee is obliged to pay attention to his/her own safety and the health and safety of those around.

Management obligations
•    The company, at suitable intervals, shall evaluate its objectives, products, the effectiveness of processes and customer satisfaction. The analysed results of the evaluations are then used as a basis for preventative and corrective measures to improve the individual processes and customer satisfaction.
•    The company management create the conditions for assessment of the set objectives and effectiveness of processes at suitable intervals, with regard to their impact on the environment. The results of these assessments are analysed and used as a basis for preventative and remedial measures aimed at improving the individual processes with respect to the environment.
•    We continually strive to improve our performance in the area of health and safety and improve the system for managing risks so as to meet the changing legislative requirements and business conditions. We regularly review the health and safety policy and its objectives and check the current standard of health and safety measures.
•    The management of Techo a.s. are obliged to create the necessary human, financial and material resources for applying and improving the processes of the quality system and for improving satisfaction of the needs of customers.
•    The board of directors of the company fully supports the implementation of the declared quality and environmental policy.


In Prague on 1.8.2006

Ing. Jiří Kejval
Chairman of the Board