Total area:  18.310 m²
Wood production headcount:    47
Metal production headcount:
Production floor area:
  5.200 m²
Service area:
Material stores area:      2.600
 Despatch stores area:
  7.900 m²
Office space:   2.500 m²


At the start of the 90s we completely modernised our production facility, and it now represents one of the most modern furniture factories in Central and Eastern Europe. The production floor space has been increased several times and productivity has risen consistently. In May 2012 we became the first producer of office furniture in this region to start using laser technology for edge application.  

With each increase in production capacity the factory layout also changed to ensure the best possible utilisation – from raw material stores to finished product stores and despatch. We also have a tried and tested system of feed-back from production to project and production engineers. This ensures that our products are subject to a process of continuous improvement, leading to simplified production processes and reductions in material usage. The entire factory is geared up to reducing environmental impact – whether in the form of reducing emissions, adjusting production procedures, a comprehensive waste disposal/recycling system and the inspection of suppliers to ensure they also apply environmentally sound procedures. In this field TECHO is a leader and a role model for other producers in CEE.

In the past decade we have ploughed significant investment sums into our factory in order to reduce environmental impact. With respect to air and water pollution, our factory operates within Scandinavian standards, which are much stricter than the applicable EU standards. Our emissions only reach 10% of the permissible limits set by EU standards.