Integrate colours

Why are your interiors so nondescript and grey?
He: That’s a beautiful orange outfit you’re wearing, it really suits you.
She: Thank you.
Do you think I’d have said that if we were in a bright green interior?

Colours around us 

"To talk about colour in architecture is to talk about light. The interplay of light and the plastic form of the components is a wonderful set design; a space for colour."
Petr Kolář (architect)

"Shadows are – thanks to the remnants of light – full of colours. Colours are a tool for discovering light. Adding fields of colour, while retaining a certain interspace to allow light to work, gives rise to COLOUR. To use colour means to fight it."   
Pavel Roučka (artist)

"Fashion brings a visual restlessness into interiors and society as a whole. What has yet to be expressed is clarified using colours, forms and structures. Colour has an initial impact on our psyche, followed by form or structure ". 
Daniela Flejšarová (fashion designer)

"The choice of colour for furniture is closely related to the building‘s exterior and the materials used. A furniture designer must take care that the colour palette amplifies or supports a room’s atmosphere. The final effect is determined by the sum of all parts, a symbiosis of the forms and colours of the building and the furnishings."
Hans Verboom (designer)

"Colour is a psychological and physiological affair. A lemon lit with red light, viewed in an isolated environment with nothing for comparison, appears yellow to us. In evaluating our perception we engage our brains and our experience. An instrument responds to light waves and coldly, lacking a brain „sees“ a red lemon. We are surprised."   
Pavel Štecha (photographer)

Colours around us