1991 – cooperation with IKEA
One of the first important clients was Ikea. We initially supplied table lamps, and then designed a very successful range of office accessories, which sold around the world. This product range was later marketed directly by TECHO under the name Office Set. Over 5 million of them were sold in total.

1993 - TECHO in Slovakia
In response to the division of Czechoslovakia, TECHO established its first foreign branch in Slovakia.

1994 - TECHO has its own production facility
In 1994 capacity limitations prompted a move to the premises of the former Dřevozpracující podniku Praha. In doing this we continued the tradition of furniture production at the Prague Hostivař site, which began in the 1950s.

1995 – the first „TECHO“ designed system
This year marked an important milestone for TECHO. We launched our first desk system for the international market. It came from the drawing board of Dutch designer Hans Verboom. From then on we have been able to compete with leading brands, and it also kick-started further development of the company.

1996 – Czech market leader
In 1996 we became the leading company in the Czech market, which was a great success in view of the competition. This was a clear confirmation of our efforts and strategy.

1997 - TECHO Romania
After becoming no. 1 in the Czech market we started to look for ways to transfer our know-how and success to other markets. We selected Romania for our initial expansion phase. Within a year our subsidiary was achieving great success.

1998 – foreign capital
After opening our branch in Romania we realised the potential of the TECHO brand. This prompted a decision to go down the route of large-scale expansion, and for this we needed a strategic investor. We persuaded Fleming Asset Management to come on board. During their involvement in TECHO they changed their name twice – to Chase Fleming and then JP Morgan Fleming.

1999 - TECHO branches in Hungary, Poland and Bulgaria
We opened three more foreign branches. Unfortunately the Bulgarian branch closed after just a year as the market proved to be under developed. The Polish branch looked promising in the first couple of years, but then poor results also led to its closure in 2002. TECHO Hungary is still trading.

2000 - TECHO in Great Britain
In 2000 a joint venture was opened in Great Britain between Barry Foley and TECHO, a.s., in which TECHO had a 35% stake in what was then Harvard Office Furniture Ltd. Since 2002 it has been trading under the now familiar name of TECHO UK. This brought TECHO significant growth, and Great Britain became our largest export market.

2002 – leader in the Slovak market
10 years after the subsidiary TECHO s.r.o. was established it became the undisputed leader in the Slovak market.

2005 - TECHO part of Royal Ahrend N.V.
After several years of successful partnership and a year of negotiations with Ahrend, they acquired a 75% stake in TECHO, a.s. This started a new phase in the development of the company and increased growth and profit potential.

2007 – Expansion plan
Ambitious plan to make TECHO the strongest player in the office furniture market of Central and Eastern Europe, and together with Ahrend to become the supplier of choice for comprehensive office furniture solutions in Europe as a whole.

2008 – TECHO moves into Georgia and Austria
Expansion into foreign markets in connection with key accounts becomes part of our long-term strategy. The impulse for establishing a branch in Croatia and Austria came from cooperation with the Austrian banking concern Erste Group. The Austrian branch, TECHO GmbH, was established in a highly competitive market, similar to the situation faced when opening a branch in Great Britain. TECHO Adria is active not just in Croatia, but also in the other former Yugoslav countries. The opening of our branch in Georgia was followed shortly afterwards by a conflict between Russia and Georgia, which interrupted the delivery of an order for the largest Georgian retail bank Bank of Georgia. TECHO Georgia is now successfully winning other orders.

2010 - Interier Říčany part of the TECHO group
The take-over of Czech company Interier Říčany strengthened our position in CEE and expanded our product portfolio to include a new office furniture segment.

2011 – activities in the markets of Ukraine and FSU

2012 – a leader among office furniture producers in the introduction of state-of-the-art laser technology 
TECHO confirms its dominant position in the market by being the first producer of office furniture in Central and Eastern Europe to use the most advanced laser technology for the application of edges. Introduction of this technology is fully in line with TECHO’s declared environmental responsibility as laser edging does not require any guess or other chemicals. This equipment is able to apply edges with a degree of accuracy not seen before in this industry. The resulting product is without any visible joint between edge and top surface, which gives it an exceptionally high-quality appearance. The joint is also water resistant, so dampness does not soak into the base material.  



2013 – growth in the key-accounts segment
We are continuing to focus on key accounts as a major business segment. TECHO reaffirmed its excellent reputation with key accounts in 2013 when KA business accounted for a third of overall TECHO Group sales, although this proportion varied across the individual markets. With 17 key accounts we are in the top three in this segment in Europe.

KA sales as a proportion of overall sales is expected to continue its upward trend in the coming years.


2014 – - TECHO Group in 2013 achieved record sales with exports accounting for 75 %
We succeeded in achieving record annual sales of 1.7 billion CZK, which is 46% higher than that achieved in 2011. The proportion of sales achieved outside the Czech Republic grew by a third to 75%. Group profitability reached 7%.